You Name It, We Deliver It

From a simple package delivery across town to regular dedicated routes picking up sensitive information, we have the experience and capacity to make things easier for our clients.


We can do simple, routine specimen pickups (room temp, blood, urine, etc.) and either run them across town to the next city over or ship them out overnight.

We are fully qualified and trained to handle medical specimens that require remaining frozen for the duration of the trip. Dry ice packaging, refrigerated packaging, and ambient packaging are constantly maintained.

Thunderbird Express, Inc.
Thunderbird Express, Inc.


  • Process of Service,
  • Courthouse filing,
  • Document delivery for trial prep,
  • Hand delivery to other attorneys, clients, or others.


Thunderbird Express is used by many large name banks in the area.

  • Offering routed service between branches and cities and inter-office runs.
  • Collection of your customer’s daily deposit from the field and brought into any branch they choose.
Thunderbird Express, Inc.

US Mail

We pick up from P.O. boxes, caller service, drop off your out-going mail either right to back dock of the post office (large volume; boxes, trays, tubs) or simply give you until the end of your business day to have your mail picked up from your office and still make it by the deadline; Santa Fe last P.O. drop can be 5:30 pm and at 7 pm in Albuquerque.

On-Call & Scheduled Delivery

Does your shipping carrier arrive too early in the day? Do you need on-demand Fed-Ex, UPS, U.S.P.S. shipping? We do that!

Doing All the Leg Work for You!

You Call, We Haul! Thunderbird Express is a courier service, so we do the leg work for you! The only thing we can not transport (other than the obvious!) is people (we are not a taxi or limo service).

Surprisingly Inexpensive Rates

Contact Us today to schedule our driver to collect your outgoing mail. You might be surprised how inexpensive it is (starting as low as $5.00 a day for certain high-volume areas).

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